This is the area in which NAS has excelled throughout its professional journey, and has set new records for the number of repaired Apple devices and processed maintenance service contracts

Computer Devices

Alongside the products of Apple; the most popular brand, NAS offers desktops and laptops from premium brands in the computer market, such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, and more


NAS constantly strives for the top quality in order to achieve the best user experience.

Security Solutions

NAS is not just offering the traditional protection methods of firewall systems and antivirus programs that are already well known in the cyber security domain, but going beyond that with some exceptional solutions such as YubiKey data protection tool.acts

Surveillance systems

The city of London prides itself on being completely surveilled around the day. Likewise, NAS has a vision for all Arab capitals and main cities to adopt the same vision in the Arab world by establishing a strong surveillance infrastructure with high-quality, high definition.

Storage Solutions

he partnerships that NAS has with many satellite channels made it realize in an early stage that the need for advanced and secured storage solutions is a key factor for their businesses.