Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a leading French multinational company specializing in energy management and automation. Founded in 1836, the company has evolved to become one of the world's leaders in providing advanced technological solutions to improve energy efficiency and enhance operational performance across various sectors. Schneider Electric's products and services are diverse, encompassing integrated energy solutions, automation systems, industrial and residential electrical devices, as well as software and digital technologies.

Partnership with Neptune Advanced Solutions

Neptune Advanced Solutions is an IT company with extensive experience in providing advanced technological solutions to businesses and organizations. Neptune Advanced Solutions acts as a strategic partner for Schneider Electric, helping to distribute Schneider Electric's products and solutions to its wide customer base.

Benefits of the Partnership

  1. Solution Integration: The partnership between Schneider Electric and Neptune Advanced Solutions enables the delivery of integrated solutions that combine Schneider's expertise in energy management and automation with Neptune's capabilities in information technology.
  2. Operational Efficiency Enhancement: By utilizing Schneider Electric's products, Neptune can improve its operational efficiency and deliver innovative and effective technological solutions to its clients.
  3. Technical Support and Consultancy: The partnership provides continuous technical support and consultancy from both companies, ensuring maximum benefit from the technological solutions offered and effectively meeting customer needs.
  4. Sustainability and Efficiency: Schneider Electric's solutions contribute to enhancing environmental sustainability and reducing energy costs, helping Neptune achieve its environmental goals and provide eco-friendly solutions to its clients.

SE Easy UPS, 500VA, Floor/Wall Mount, 230V, 4x CEE 7/3 Schuko outlets, AVR

product or component typeUninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Battery typeLead-acid battery
TopologyLine interactive
Quantity per setSet of 1
ResetAutomatic reset
Range of product

Easy UPS 1Ph BVS Series

Type of installationIndoor
Surge Energy156 J
Type of signalStepped approximation to a sinewave
Protection device typeSurge protection device (SPD)
Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
Input voltage230 V AC
Output voltage230 V
IP degree of protectionIP20
Transfer time6 ms typical : 10 ms maximum
Network frequency45...65 Hz
Power range500 VA
300 W
Electrical connectionInput: 1 inlet Schuko CEE 7/P
Output: 4 outlet Schuko CEE 7
Local signallingAlarm, distinctive for low battery
Alarm, continuous or intermittent tone for overload
LED for battery status
Number of batteries1
Charging time8 h
Battery voltage12 V
Battery capacity4.5 Ah
Battery life5 year(s)
Net weight3.9 kg
Height92.5 mm
Width160.5 mm
Depth305 mm

APC Easy UPS, 1600VA, Tower, 230V, 4x CEE 7/3 Schuko Outlets, AVR

Max. Capacity Used
100 %
Main Input Voltage230 V AC 1 phase
Main Output Voltage230 V AC 1 phase
Rated power in W900 W
Rated power in VA1600 VA
product or component typeUninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Input Connection TypeSchuko
output connection type4 Schuko
Cable length1.2 m
Number of cables1
Battery typeLead-acid battery
Provided equipmentUser manual
Batteries & Runtime
Run Time
View Runtime Graph
View Efficiency Graph
Number of battery filled slots0
Number of battery free slots0
Battery recharge time8 h
Battery voltage24 V
Battery capacity7.0 Ah
Battery life2…3 year(s)
Replacement battery
Extended runtime0
Max runtime240 min
Number of power module free slots0
Number of power module filled slots0
UPS sizeWS

The partnership between Schneider Electric and Neptune Advanced Solutions is considered an ideal model of collaboration between companies to deliver advanced and reliable technological solutions. Through this partnership, Neptune can leverage Schneider Electric's products and solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its services, thereby strengthening its ability to meet customer needs and ensure long-term sustainability.

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